The Data Exchange Podcast: Our CEO Nir Shavit on Computational Neurobiology and Deep Learning

Nir’s take on the future of machine learning—where it’s heading and where it should be heading—can be seen as contrary to the current, prevailing wisdom.

sasa zelenovic

Neural Magic at NeurIPS 2019

Are you heading to NeurIPS in Vancouver this December 8-14th? So are we! And we would love to meet you.→

Bryan House

Four Machine Learning Trends for Recommendation Systems

Recommendation systems (or recommender systems) were designed to understand and predict user preferences based on user behavior.  In industries like→

Gaurav Rao

What is the Infrastructure Phase of Machine Learning?

A Union Square Ventures post from last fall called out the fact that throughout the course of technology history, apps→

Bryan House

Data Scientists Make These 3 Common Mistakes

The practice of training and putting machine learning systems into production involves a lot of trial and error. However, there→

Bryan House

Why Machine Learning Needs Academia and Industry to Survive

The field of machine learning has progressed quickly in the last decade, and there’s a big reason why: both academics→

Bryan House

Using CNNs for Inference

Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) are a type of neural network most often used for image recognition and classification. CNNs excel→

Bryan House
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