About Us

AI Model Optimization and Accelerated Inference Serving

Our deep expertise has led us to invent the industry's state-of-the-art methods for model quantization and sparsification, and inference acceleration algorithms.

Deep Expertise

Neural Magic is a series-A company with a mission to enable enterprise deployment of private open-source machine learning models across edge, datacenter, and cloud.

Our deep expertise across AI model optimization and high-performance computing has led us to invent the industry's state-of-the-art techniques for model quantization and sparsification, and inference server acceleration. With this we provide enterprise-grade inference server solutions under subscription that deliver maximum speed and efficiency across both GPUs and CPUs.

Neural Magic is headquartered in Somerville, MA, and was founded in 2018 by MIT professor Nir Shavit and MIT Research Scientist Alex Matveev.



What Drives Us?

Open and Transparent Innovation

We believe in and support the open source AI community, as a collaborative environment for developers, researchers, and organizations to explore, contribute and benefit from collective contributions and shared knowledge to fuel the future direction and innovation of AI.

The Art of the Possible

As a research-driven company, we are not bound by the impossible. Instead we nurture a culture where anything is possible led by curiosity and driven by customer obsession to ensure the use of AI is impactful and beneficial.


In today’s dynamic landscape of AI, where innovations and challenges arise and change rapidly, humility encourages our team to acknowledge limitations and embrace feedback and input from others. For Neural Magic, humility promotes a culture of respect and inclusivity where all team member’s contributions are valued, regardless of their position or expertise.



Our Leadership

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Brian Stevens


Former VP of Product and CTO of Google Cloud, former CTO and EVP of Worldwide Engineering for Red Hat

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Nir Shavit


MIT Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, ACM Fellow

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Dan Alistarh

Principal Research Scientist

Professor at IST Austria with a research focus on high-performance algorithms for machine learning



Our Investors