The Future of Deep Learning is Sparse.

It all started in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

While mapping the neural connections in the brain at MIT, Neural Magic’s founders Nir Shavit and Alexander Matveev were frustrated with the many limitations imposed by GPUs. Along the way, they stopped to ask themselves a simple question: why is a GPU, or any specialized hardware, required for deep learning?

They knew there had to be a better way. After all, the human brain addresses the computational needs of neural networks by extensively using sparsity to reduce them instead of adding FLOPS to match them.

Based on this observation and years of multicore computing experience, they created novel technologies that sparsify and quantize deep learning networks and allow them to run on commodity CPUs – at GPU speeds and better. Data scientists no longer have to compromise on model design and input size, or deal with scarce and costly GPU resources. Their ground-breaking discovery became the foundation of Neural Magic.

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The Company’s Vision
Together with our community, we are on a mission to bring software and algorithms, rather than specialized hardware, back to center stage in machine learning infrastructure.

Neural Magic Team

Brian Stevens photo

Brian Stevens

Chief Executive Officer
Former CTO of Red Hat and Google Cloud, disruptor, biker.
Nir Shavit photo

Nir Shavit

MIT professor, innovator, tennis player.
Alexander Matveev photo

Alexander Matveev

CTO & Co-Founder
Former MIT research scientist, specialized in multicore algorithms and systems for AI.
John O'Hara photo

John O'Hara

COO & VP of Engineering
Engineering and operations lead, skier, mentor to engineers and peers.
Jeannie Finks photo

Jeannie Finks

Head of Customer Success
Customer & colleague love, deep learning economics, yoga, killer sangria, adventure travel.
Saša Zelenović photo

Saša Zelenović

Head of Marketing
Go-to-market expert, helping data scientists experience the power of Neural Magic. Weekend beekeeper.
Mark Kurtz photo

Mark Kurtz

Director of Machine Learning
Research and engineering, model optimizations, volleyball, woodworking
Dan Alistarh photo

Dan Alistarh

Principal Research Scientist
Algorithms, math, tennis---not necessarily in that order.
Bill Nell photo

Bill Nell

Software Engineering Manager
JITs, compilers, program analysis, HPC.
Tyler Smith photo

Tyler Smith

Software Engineering Manager
UT Austin PHD, ETH Zurich postdoc. Specializing in linear algebra computations & theoretical bounds on data movement.
Dan Huang photo

Dan Huang

Software Engineering Manager
A constructor (DevOps) and a breaker (QA). Passion for automation, quality, cooking and mushroom hunting.
Andy Linfoot photo

Andy Linfoot

Principal Software Engineer
JITs, Numerics, and HPC alchemy.
Tuan Nguyen photo

Tuan Nguyen

Senior ML Research Engineer
Building software and deep learning models for fun and profit.
Michael Goin photo

Michael Goin

Product Engineering Lead
Data-driven optimization, AI evangelist, modular synthesis, baking.
Sage Moore photo

Sage Moore

Software Engineer
Operating systems, scheduling, high performance computing, biking, powerlifting.
Kierstin Darragh photo

Kierstin Darragh

Business Development Lead
Computer vision at the edge, cooking, true crime podcasts.
Benjamin Fineran photo

Benjamin Fineran

ML Engineering Team Lead
Model sparsifier, problem solver, sports enthusiast.
George Ohashi photo

George Ohashi

Full Stack Engineer
Curious about how and why things work. Vegan + fish, book reader, classical guitar player, fan of biology, history and sports
Rahul Tuli photo

Rahul Tuli

ML Engineer
Intelligent systems, pattern recognition, NLP, badminton, tacos.
Domenic Barbuzzi photo

Domenic Barbuzzi

Software Engineer in Test
Proclivity for automation and debugging. Video game player, hobbyist photographer, and enthusiast of all things tech.
Damian Bogunowicz photo

Damian Bogunowicz

ML Engineer
A curious human being, especially fond of AI, financial markets, and being less wrong every day. Lifelong learner, fitness enthusiast, and self-proclaimed food aficionado. Life goals: Work hard, retire early, buy a cabin in the Alps, drink wine, eat cheese, study math and philosophy.
Eliza Wszoła photo

Eliza Wszoła

Software Engineer
ETH Zurich Ph.D. in hardware-efficient manycore CPU implementations of machine learning models. Amateur visual artist and collector of random trivia from the internet.
Alexandre Marques photo

Alexandre Marques

ML Research Team Lead
Scientist/engineer specialized in computational models and algorithms. Bridging the gap between fundamentals and applications, having fun along the way.
Ricky Costa photo

Ricky Costa

Lover of open source software. Dark web surfer. I hack things.
Rob Greenberg photo

Rob Greenberg

Product Manager
Data, customer obsession, CNNs, music production, skiing, biking, cryptocurrencies, NY Sports.
Derek Kozikowski photo

Derek Kozikowski

Senior Software Engineer in Test
Software quality maven, test automation developer, gardener, and woodworker.
Jay Marshall photo

Jay Marshall

Head of Global Business Development
Amazonian and Xoogler focusing on customers, partners, messaging, farming, music, and mixology.
Matthew Helmers photo

Matthew Helmers

Senior Account Executive
Making customers wildly successful. Waymaker. Outdoor enthusiast.
Danny Guinther photo

Danny Guinther

Full Stack Engineering Manager
Hacker, cloud builder, mentor, ANN enthusiast.
Rob Fitzgibbon photo

Rob Fitzgibbon

UX Lead Engineer
Passionate about good UX, fascinated by analytics, avid coffee drinker.
Chibu Ukachi photo

Chibu Ukachi

MLOps Engineer
Spellbounded by the intersection of Cloud and AI, fan of fresh smoothies, traveller and always smiling.
Shubhra Pandit photo

Shubhra Pandit

Senior Machine Learning Research Engineer
Applied researcher. Lifelong explorer and hot chocolate aficionado. Constantly tuning life's hyperparams.
Varun Sundar Rabindranath photo

Varun Sundar Rabindranath

Software Engineer
Fascinated by Compilers, ML, HPC and Embedded Software. Open Source Believer. Amateur Potter.
Benjamin Blue photo

Benjamin Blue

Software Engineer
Hobbiest side project and writer dude. Love to read. Eternal disc golf player and fan.
James Fleming photo

James Fleming

Senior Software Engineer
Grizzled games industry veteran. Loves large code bases, optimization, biking.
Derrick Mwiti photo

Derrick Mwiti

ML Developer Advocate
Experienced in data science, machine learning, and deep learning with a keen eye for building machine learning communities.
Da Feng photo

Da Feng

Principal Software Engineer
I try to make things sharp: code, design, and knives.
Abhinav Agarwalla photo

Abhinav Agarwalla

ML Research Engineer
Research x Engineering. I am learning, re-learning and building something new every day.
Nicole Kim photo

Nicole Kim

Head of Product Marketing
Nimble marketer for a rapidly, evolving AI landscape. Strongly right-brained, huge fan of sci-fi, and abide by a "live to eat" philosophy.
Dipika Sikka photo

Dipika Sikka

Senior ML Engineer
Avid reader, swimmer, and sports fan. Big dog person.
Sara Adkins photo

Sara Adkins

Senior ML Engineer
Optimizer of code and models, music technologist. Loves fantasy worlds, board games, slow running, experimental music.


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