Some ideas are too big for a GPU.

While mapping the neural connections in the brain at MIT, Neural Magic’s founders were frustrated with the many limitations imposed by GPUs. Along the way, they stopped to ask themselves a simple question: why is a GPU, or any specialized hardware, required for deep learning?

They knew there had to be a better way.

Based on years of multicore computing research, they created novel algorithms that enable convolutional neural networks to run on commodity CPUs – at GPU speeds and better. Data scientists no longer have to compromise on model design and input size, or deal with scarce and costly GPU resources. Their ground-breaking discovery became the foundation of Neural Magic.

THE COMPANY’S VISION No-Hardware AI, or shattering the hardware barriers holding back the field of machine learning. Neural Magic is making the power of deep learning simple, accessible, and affordable for anyone. As a part of this next great unlock of machine learning, data scientists will ask bigger questions, challenge norms, and unleash a new class of AI applications that live at the edge of imagination.

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