Neural Magic User Research Consent Form

Interview Details

This interview is part of a series of interviews being conducted by Neural Magic, to learn about your experiences working on machine learning (ML) projects. Your participation in this study will help us design, develop, or otherwise improve our products and services. The interview will be with one or more members of our research team, who will ask you questions about your professional experience.

We will not request, and you should not provide, any sensitive personal information during the interview.

Upon Interview Completion

As a token of our appreciation, research participants completing their interviews will be provided one of the following options:

Data Collection

With your permission, we will record the interview. Recording is not required, so please inform the research team if you do not want  to be recorded; however, note that the research team make take notes during the conversation. If you do not want to be recoded and do not want the research team to take notes, we can cancel the session. In such case, no incentive will be rewarded.

Interview session data will only be used internally by the Neural Magic UX and Product teams. Any data, recording or other personal information collected about you will be treated confidentially. We may publish research reports, articles, or training content that includes your anonymous comments and experiences shared.

If you wish a past, previously recorded interview to be deleted, please email [email protected].

Your Rights

Your participation in this study is voluntary. You may take a break or leave the interview at any time without giving a reason.

If you have any questions or concerns about being interviewed or Neural Magic’s user research practices, please email [email protected]

Consent Form

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