On-Demand Webinars

Sparsify Demo: Optimize DL Models with Ease, for Free

See Sparsify, an open source solution with an easy-to-use interface to prune and quantize deep learning models, in action.

Neural Magic Demo: Run Deep Learning on CPUs (October 2020)

Learn how Neural Magic decreases TCO of your computer vision efforts, while increasing model performance on everyday CPUs.

Future of deep learning hardware

Big Brain Burnout: What’s Wrong with AI Computing?

Hear from Neural Magic’s award-winning CEO why we need to fundamentally rethink how we’re building products that rely on machine learning and AI. 

How Neural Magic Works

Want to see how Neural Magic works? View our webinar recording where we went through the easy process of optimizing and deploying a model. 

Pruning Deep Learning Models for Success

Contrary to popular belief, pruning deep learning models is not that hard. View our on-demand webinar to get an overview or pruning, as well as easy ways to prune.

Neural Magic Demo: Achieve GPU-Class Performance on CPUs with Drastic Cost Savings

Get an introduction to Neural Magic, a demo of Neural Magic in action, and steps to deliver GPU-class deep learning performance and better without the expense.

The Software GPU: Musings on the Future of Deep Learning Hardware and Software

MIT professor and Neural Magic CEO Nir Shavit shares his views on the future of deep learning. Spoiler: It’s about memory, not raw compute power.