On-Demand Webinars

How Neural Magic Works

Want to see how Neural Magic works? View our webinar recording where we went through the easy process of optimizing and deploying a model. 

Pruning Deep Learning Models for Success

Contrary to popular belief, pruning deep learning models is not that hard. View our on-demand webinar to get an overview or pruning, as well as easy ways to prune.

Neural Magic Demo: Achieve GPU-Class Performance on CPUs with Drastic Cost Savings

Get an introduction to Neural Magic, a demo of Neural Magic in action, and steps to deliver GPU-class deep learning performance and better without the expense.

The Software GPU: Musings on the Future of Deep Learning Hardware and Software

MIT professor and Neural Magic CEO Nir Shavit shares his views on the future of deep learning. Spoiler: It’s about memory, not raw compute power.