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Neural Magic’s DeepSparse is the only complete machine learning inference runtime that easily enables individuals and enterprises to:

  1. Run ML inference at the fastest speeds, right on commodity CPUs, leveraging the performance and accuracy of optimized models.
  2. Operationalize models inputs and outputs with integrations directly into MLOps pipelines to monitor enterprise deployments.
  3. Address high-value use cases with your production data, at scale.

Start inferencing today at GPU speeds, on commodity CPUs.

How does the trial work?

  1. Confirm you meet the hardware and system requirements
  2. Submit the trial registration form.
  3. Locate your trial license key which will be shortly emailed to you for activation. Note your 90-day trial starts upon receipt of your license via the email address you provided (not when you activate the license).

Need some ideas to get started? We'd love to guide you along the way. Reach out if you have any questions about the trial.

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