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Neural Magic is bringing performant deep learning inference to ARM CPUs. In our recent product release, Neural Magic launched alpha support for DeepSparse on AWS Graviton and Ampere. We are working towards a general release across ARM server, embedded, and mobile platforms in 2023. By joining the waitlist via the form below, you can get early access to the general release.

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Why DeepSparse on ARM

With support for ARM, DeepSparse will run with all major CPU vendors. This means you can standardize your deep learning deployments with a consistent, software-only stack that runs in any environment (from cloud to data center to edge) and on any hardware (from Intel to AMD to ARM).

Beyond standardizing deployments, support for ARM will enable you to run DeepSparse on edge devices like mobile phones and embedded systems, where the ARM platforms dominate. This will enable you to bring performant AI to the edge, supporting latency-sensitive, air-gapped, and resource-constrained platforms.

Willing to Provide Feedback?

Neural Magic is offering a gift card to those who are willing to spend at least 30 minutes discussing either their experience with the ARM alpha or feature requests as we approach general availability. Reach out to set up a time.

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