​​Come Build the Future with Labs by Neural Magic


Architect and deploy better machine learning solutions with industry experts

Today, Neural Magic is debuting a new offering that allows you to deliver best-in-class ML solutions leveraging the same engineering talent behind our DeepSparse Engine.

Labs by Neural Magic empowers organizations to define (or refine) their AI/ML best practices. Teams will develop their methodology, success strategy, and key metrics. From ideation, research, and scoping to building, optimizing, and deploying, our well-educated and well-published team of machine learning experts will work side-by-side with your team to build out a modern ML training and deployment process.

At Neural Magic, we are proud of our collaboration within the open science community. Labs takes our learnings from this collaboration and aligns with your goals to develop and deploy performant production models, saving your team weeks of discovery and iteration.

Wide-range expertise

The pace of machine learning innovation is staggering. There are thousands of AI/ML research papers being published every month. Further, there is an ever-changing landscape of technologies, algorithms, and models to choose from. Combine these with decades of pre-existing data challenges and constantly competing business priorities, implementing machine learning effectively within any organization becomes a complex task.

According to Gartner, “only half of AI projects make it from pilot into production, and those that do take an average of nine months to do so.” Topics like performance tuning and optimization, are rarely even addressed with early-stage AI/ML projects. This leads to inefficient deployment pipelines and models utilizing more resources than necessary.

Neural Magic addresses these inefficiencies, and our new Labs offering helps your team learn how to resolve them within your environment. By addressing AI/ML technical debt before it becomes an issue, your team can focus on what matters most.

“Our goal with Labs is to help ensure organizations are building the most efficient and optimized machine learning models, from model selection through training and ultimately deployment,” said Brian Stevens, CEO of Neural Magic. “Labs allows organizations to engage with our deep learning research scientists in a prescriptive and organized way to achieve business outcomes.”

All Labs engagements begin with assessment in the areas of people, process, and technology to ensure customer success. We will collaborate with your team to select and build state-of-the-art models that leverage modern techniques like pruning and quantization to get the best result/performance balance possible out of your ML solution. Together, we will establish best practices including how to optimally deploy using the DeepSparse Engine which offers superior performance in existing environments. Already have models in production? We offer integrations with popular ML solutions like Amazon SageMaker and can be deployed as a container within any existing CI/CD solution.

A limited number of engagements will be made available for this first round of Labs. Learn more about how Labs helps you meet your strategic goals, aligns with business cases, and drives meaningful outcomes; or get started now by visiting neuralmagic.com/labs