Product Release Notes

Release 0.1.0 for the Community! February 4, 2021 As of February 2021, our products have been renamed, most have been open sourced and their release notes can be be found in GitHub! Sparsify SparseML (formerly Neural Magic ML Tooling) SparseZoo (formerly Neural Magic Model Repo) DeepSparse Engine (formerly Neural Magic Inference Engine) Release 1.4.0 January… Read More Product Release Notes

Profile: Jeannie Finks

Jeannie Finks, Head of Customer Success at Neural Magic, has over 25 years of experience spanning customer success, digital strategy & implementation, and technical program leadership. Prior to joining Neural Magic Jeannie held numerous hands-on customer success roles at Acquia, a SaaS company whose enterprise products, services, and technical support focus on the open-source CMS… Read More Profile: Jeannie Finks